Northern Widget sensors


Measure water levels (or atmospheric pressure) and temperature with this encapsulated sensor.



Waterproof atmospheric temperature, pressure, and relative humidity sensor.


LiDAR Lite Symbiont

Turn a raw Garmin LiDAR Lite sensor into an integrated tool to measure range and orientation.

LiDAR Lite Symbiont


  • 3-axis MEMS accelerometer to measure laser orientation
    • No need to position the sensor looking straight down to measure level: can trigonometrically coorect
    • Will record whether the sensor has been disturbed
  • Power management and filtering for high current during laser shots
  • Failsafes to reset the LiDAR Lite when its firmware locks, thus isolating the rest of your system from a potential failure mode.
  • Full instructions for enclosure and mounting

LiDAR Lite Symbiont Deployed


Long-wave and spectrally resolved short-wave radiation.

Dyson LW and SW Deployed

Support for off-the-shelf sensors

  • Tipping-bucket rain gauges
    • Reed switch or Hall-effect sensor
    • Project Tally (optional)
  • T9602 temperature and relative humidity sensor (add library link)
  • Decagon / METER soil moisture probes (do we even have a library, or just AnalogRead()?)
  • Maxbotix ultrasonic rangefinders (library link)
  • Thermistors (obviously – mention on-board Vdiv)
  • Kipp & Zonen solar-radiation sensors (mention instrumentation amp)

Northern Widget prototypes

The following sensors are still in earlier stages of development.


Dual-mode turbidity sensor: measures both transmission and scattering.


Rugged subsurface temperature profiler: thermal conduction and fluid flow.


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