Northern Widget couldn’t be what it is without the gracious help of many, many members of our broader community. Some contributions are great, some are small, and all are valuable. We would especially like to thank these people and organizations for their enthusiasm and support:

Katy Barnhart
Billy Armstrong
Sara Rathburn / Scott Shahverdian
Karen Wickert
Nick Evans
Chris Paola
Bob Anderson
Suzanne Anderson
Nate Rock
Steve Hicks
Dom Schneider
Dylan Ward
Collin Bode and the Ecological Society of America Bulletin
Kevin Smith
Irina Overeem / Kimberly Rogers
Peter Nelson / Dan Brogan
Joshua King
Brian Clarke
Hari Bhatti
SparkFun Electronics  (SMD class, support on ATMega2560, tutorials, component footprints)
Adafruit Industries (data logger shield, tutorials, Arduino libraries, component footprints)
The open-source electronics movement (and open-source in general!)


ALog data logger development has been funded by Northern Widget LLC, Andrew Wickert, and start-up funds awarded Andrew Wickert by the University of Minnesota.