We support sensors (hardware + software) for the following purposes; please contact us for quotes on these, either as raw sensors, or as constructed sensor assemblies.


  • Temperature (thermistor + reference resistor)
  • Temperature (RTD + reference resistor)
  • Rainfall (tipping-bucket rain gauge)
  • Wind speed (3-cup anemometer)
  • Wind direction (magnetic-sensor wind vane)
  • Solar radiation (pyranometer + instrumentation amplifier)
  • Relative humidity (humidity probe, hermetically sealed)
  • Atmospheric pressure (digital barometer)


  • Cameras and video cameras, trigerred periodically or based on events


  • Soil moisture (dielectric probe)
  • Temperature profiler (multiple thermistors)


  • Snow depth (ultrasonic rangefinder)
  • Frost heave (linear potentiometer)
  • Angle/tilt (for sensors that may be disturbed by moving/melting ice)
  • see weather instrumentation to construct melt models (positive-degree-day or energy balance)


  • Water level
    • Ultrasonic rangefinder
    • Pressure transducer
    • String potentiometer with weight and float (electronic version of classic USGS gauge approach)
  • Flux
    • Temperature profiler (multiple thermistors)
  • Presence/absence
    • Overland flow detector

Position and time

  • GPS


  • Inclinometer (2-axis)
  • Force sensor

Coming soon

  • Water chemistry (conductivity, pH, ORP)


Are we missing your sensor? Let us know, we can work with you to add support for it!