I’m going to cut to the chase: April has brought two exciting developments to Northern Widget LLC.

First, an article on our current efforts with the ALog was published in the April 2014 issue of the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America. What this means is that there is now an academically-citable progress report on our work to bring an open-source standard to field data logging. The article tells the story of our sometimes-haphazard path towards the development, production, and initial deployment of the ALog.

ESA Bulletin cover, April 2014
Our new article, The ALog: Inexpensive, Open-Source, Automated Data Collection in the Field, describes our development work and the many current deployments of the ALog thanks to our supporters and collaborators.

Second, thanks to continued work with Nick Evans at the University of Minnesota, who is working to improve the state of Mississippi River Delta restoration, we have identified a number of ways in which we would like to improve the ALog BottleLogger v. 1.0. Our up-and-coming design, the LogMega, will feature an ATMega2560 microcontroller core (based on the Arduino Mega), options for telemetry, and improved sensor interfaces. Details on its design will emerge as our development work goes forward.

While we are currently out of stock thanks to our wonderful supporters, we will continue to support and produce the lightweight, low-power ALog BottleLogger, and will incorporate some improvements into its design based on user feedback. Our primary development focus will b the ALog LogMega. It’s the day after Earth Day, and an excellent time to think about progress in monitoring our environment.

(Image at top: background photo of work on the Wax Lake Delta for Mississippi River Delta restoration; photo credit Antoinette Abeyta)